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  • 【高三英语作文】《The Necessity of Examination》_1000字

    As regards examination,there has been a heated discussion among the general public in oursociety. People who believe in its necessity may have some arguments as follows. To begin with,examination阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《赤伶chiling》_150字

    No one on the stage can see the old color People on the stage sing heartbreaking farewell songs Love is hard to be lonely She sings with blood The curtain rises The curtain falls It‘s a guest阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Notice》_650字

    Our school students‘ Union will hold a competition of “ Learning Chinese Classics” , which faces to the exchange students. It aims to let the foreigner know more about Chinese and feel the charms of阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《给David 的一封信》_700字

    Dear David, I‘m writing to make an apology that I can’t join in your schoo‘s program this summer holliday. Here is the reason that I can’t go there. Yesterday, I was said to a news that we should阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《道歉信》_750字

    Dear Eric, How is everything going with you? I am sorry to tell you that I can‘t go to see the traditional Chinese painting exhibition next Sunday with you. For this, I’m so sorry. Here is the rea阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《成功的关键》_800字

    What's the definition of a successful person? Most people will think about the money. The more money the person owns, the more successful he means. But the real success is not about money at all, i阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《My Favorite Singer》_750字

    In the vast crowd, we will meet quite a few people, but only a small number of people will have an influence on us. As a result, I want to talk about a male singer who influenced me. When I first l阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Valentine day--me and him》_2000字

    We stood on the platform in the park. About one metre from the ground, I was still scared of the height. He was so casual, leaning on the fireman's pole; one slip, and he'd fall. "Come here," he e阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Sleep Tonight》_3000字

    She was forcibly removed from a rare slumber by an audible crash - from what sounded like - under her bed. She froze in fear and hid beneath the covers, which provided a warm, safe-feeling den. No m阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Take Care Little Red (小红帽故事改写,黑暗童话)》_3000字

    Mother and I filled the picnic basket together, rushing around our unkempt home. She insisted I hurry, but I lacked serious enthusiasm for my long journey. With an oversized white coat draped over阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Conflict (冲突) --原创英文小故事》_3000字

    Craving attention, she was unable to remain calm in such a situation. Her anger was almost uncontainable; somehow, her words still managed to fail her. She couldn't understand how he had let himsel阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Rainning day》_1500字

    We were friends for the last 13 years and it was like we were a very close family friends.. She used to like me a lot and i wasn't much aware of the same.. One fine day she proposed me and at tha阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《That very important friend》_1500字

    From that day on, the story began to draw a curtain. Hello, that friend who is very important to me. We've always had a good relationship. In my eyes, you are a warm man with good temper and expr阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Why should we go to university?》_650字

    Nowadays,many people think it doesn’t matter whether we go to university or not.But I think,if we can go to university,our dreams will be come true.In my opinion,go to university is good for us.Beca阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Know our parents》_3000字

    I have six questions to ask everyone as a student. Do you understand? Do you know your parents'conscience? Do you understand? Do you understand the hard work of your parents? Do you understand?阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《May you be kind to the world(愿你被世界善待)》_2000字

    May you be kind to the world You will never know how strong you are, until you besides strong have no choice. Road, only one step a footprint of walk by themselves, and experience, can only rely on阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《科技论文》_1000字

    Why doesn't the fish sleep? Do we close eyeseyes, and now I don't know the answer why. Slowly, I can forget about it, until yesterday, the teacher asked us to write science this, I suddenly rememb阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《A letter to my friend》_550字

    My school will hold a lecture about how to deal with accidents, when we go class at December 12th, they will invite an expert who is called LI, it is known for us. To begin with, we ready for the e阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《make changes@》_1500字

    Making changes Good morning, everyone, my name is xxx. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make this presentation. Today, I'd like to share my ideasof making changes. Aswe know, everything阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《夏日》_3000字

    Filled with flowers, ahead of the wings, flying over the green time, remember the past, heart five mixed. Good, in the heart gently. A period of time, a memory; an inch of time, a miss; a time, a wi阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《感动》_3000字

    The red in May, gardenia, both fragrant and beautiful. In May, the well-being, a fiery, everywhere surging a warm, blooming a hope. May 28th 2:30 pm, Ankang new high-tech Qin Ba public space, guest阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Let me read you》_1000字

    In our life, we will encounter many unpleasant things, especially in today's money, whether it is the interaction between people, or in the pursuit of career, often encounter unexpected setbacks! E阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Dark cuisine》_1200字

    Recently there was a very fresh and delicious food in the school, and it was also very luxurious. Hear them say it's delicious. Yes, look at people drool with envy but I did not eat, and who do no阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《长》_1500字

    The night fire is too long to remember how to lay it. Is it as the wind blows away, or is it accompanied by the moon? In the warm, sunny February, the green wutongs fade away. Holding the pearl of t阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Remember one thing》_2000字

    The sun shone brightly and the sound of silkworms continued as summer holidays continued. If you want to ask, what kind of summer life is brilliant? My answer is: no matter in the day or in the sunn阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《Glassy Sky》_1500字

    Glassy Sky-Donna Burke how many days have passed like this? 还要历经多少个这样的日子 this city, the crowd is fadding moving on 这座城早已褪去往日的辉煌 I sometimes have wondered 有时不禁好奇 where you've gone 你会置身何处 st阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《My Love》_600字

    Where can i find you?Where can i walk to you?Where are you living?Where are you watching?Where can you love so that you forget me? I am going to die.I want to cry.Because the fucking lie,i lost my阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《My Heart》_1200字

    An old carpenter prepare to retire,he promise his employer build onemore house.However,he built it with a shoddy attitude .Surprisngly,the employergave the carpenter the house as a gift. This story阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《《开学第一课》英语观后感700字》_2000字

    Yesterday I saw the school first class, feeling very deep. This year's theme is beauty is near. Beauty, a very common words, we are literally think beauty is beautiful. So, what is the true meaning阅读全文

  • 【高三英语作文】《《开学第一课》英语观后感》_2000字

    The start of this years first class show strong, unusually brilliant。 Chinas first female astronaut liu Yang first appeared as a guest speaker, she spoke about full of poetry, vivid tells the stor阅读全文


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